Learning to work together in a team is an important skill that everyone needs to learn. In school and in society, we will rarely work alone. People have different strengths and weaknesses and by working together, we can develop solutions to a variety of problems.

Communication – Everyone in the group needs to have a say in all aspects of the project. One thing that has worked for me with other student groups, is to identify an object (it can literally be anything) that will be held when someone wants to speak. When they are done speaking, it is placed in the middle of the table or handed to someone else.

Ice Breakers – These are activities at the beginning of an activity (and as needed throughout the activity) to help groups get closer together and learn to work with each other. There will be a section of the forum to include sample ice breaker activities that you may use.

Students will need to learn to listen to criticism about their ideas and learn to give constructive criticism to others. They need to learn not to use comments like, “That idea sucks!” Instead, tell the other student, “I don’t think that will work because …. “. Before criticizing someone, the student needs to be ready to offer an idea or reason to support their criticism.

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