Here at Avachyle Educational Services, we strive to help provide excellent education for all children equally. Our plan for schools will incorporate meaningful and real world project-based instruction that encourages collaboration and teamwork. Students will become student leaders with the teachers taking on the role as facilitators and guides, helping and nurturing their students. This provides all students with the opportunity to become learners for life and productive members of society.

We specialize in helping students with disabilities and behavioral challenges find a way to positively interact and participate within society. All individuals have strengths that can make a huge impact. This is the role of collaboration and obtaining input from everyone. Everyone is able to have a say.

We offer a special club called the “STEM Stars”. Students within the school can have a safe place to “vent” and talk to each other about the feelings in a calm and mature way. One thing that our students need to learn how to express themselves in a safe way. Letting it build up inside is not healthy. There is also a special “STEM Stars” forum online that is available for Stars from all schools and organizations to talk to each other. There is a Zero Tolerance for bullying and teasing others on the forum. It is moderated often to ensure that the rules are being followed. This club allows for a therapeutic and safe place for students to talk and express themselves.