Academics: Students will be motivated to learn as they engage in problem- and project-based education. They will confront realistic scenarios and problems as they learn to research and develop solutions to the issues. Students will develop traits and characteristics that will help them succeed throughout their school-life as well as into their career.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in the following challenge(s):

  • Structural Engineering
  • Debating
  • Essays
  • Marketing
  • Video Game Design
  • Website Design
  • Career Preparation
  • Community Service
  • Solar Car Challenge
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • CAD
  • Inventions
  • Biotechnology
  • Digital Photography

Collaboration: Students will learn to be a part of a team, working together to achieve a common goal. In all activities, they will plan, research, design/develop, build, test, evaluate and redesign their solution. Students will learn that sometimes (most times) they will encounter failure but that is the purpose of the “redesign” step of the process. Rarely is a problem or issue solved the first time; they need to constantly evaluate and redesign in order to eventually come up with a solution.

This collaboration time will include time with their group to discuss their project, as well as with a teacher or staff member to discuss the importance of teamwork and “tips” on how to work together. The forum will include strategies that students can use to help them develop better team work skills. This instruction will focus on Trauma-Informed Programming to help the students work effectively together.

Leadership: Students will be organized into a student government which will help to organize the different problem and project based themes and scenarios. The Student Government will meet at least once per month.

Student Government positions will include:

President: oversee monthly meetings and ensure that officers are doing their jobs. The President will preside over special events.
Vice President: assist the President
Secretary: take minutes at official meetings
Sergeant-at-Arms: keep order at official meetings
Representatives: each class will have a representative to attend the official meetings and bring any concerns that the class may have. They will also act as “teacher helper” and assign “Group Captains” to each of the groups within their class and ensure that the groups are running smoothly and ensure that the class has the materials and supplies that they need.

STEM Stars!!

This is a special club of students that meets at the school level to talk and discuss any issues with others. It is a safe place that doesn’t judge or tease. They will also have access to special projects and activities as they wish to do. This will provide the students with a proactive therapeutic approach to solving their problems in a positive manner.