1st Workshop – beginning of the program with teachers and administrators to discuss the program specifics and answer any questions. Teachers and administrators will be provided with contact information and access to the Avachyle forum if they have any questions.

There will be an additional workshop at the beginning of the program with the members of the Student Government team and any teacher facilitators who wish to join. This will discuss their role and how they can get support.

2nd Workshop – after 2 weeks of the start of the program. Teachers and administrators will have the chance to talk about any “kinks” in the program and get some support.

3rd Workshop – after 1 month of the start of the program.

There will be 3 more workshops, once per month, to discuss the program and specifics, as well as answer any questions.

On-going Support – The school will have access to the Avachyle forum to ask and receive help throughout the day. They will also be able to email me at admin@avachyle.com if they have questions that they need answered.

Phone Support – This will be primarily through text message at the phone number listed above. Phone appointments can be scheduled on an as-needed basis.