This portion of the program includes 4 key areas:

Program Leadership : Administrators, Teacher Facilitators, Student Government will work together to ensure that student groups are working effectively together. They will provide “Team-Building Activities” as needed for the students.

Teaching & Learning : Students will learn important skills in each of their classes, which will be used to support their real-world project-based learning initiative.

Family / Community Outcomes : Families and Community members will be invited to a presentation of all the projects at a date, time, and location to be determined by the school. Families and community members will be encouraged to participate as “mentors” to the student groups, participating either in-person, through Zoom, or through email-based communication.

Student Outcomes : Students will learn about positive relationships with their peers, teachers and community leaders and with family. They will learn skills to be successful in school and in society. They will learn skills to be Lifelong Learners.